On this Day…

On this day, March 1st, this happened…


1987 The birthday of rap/popstar Ke$ha, who will be 26 today. She rose to fame with her song ‘Tik Tok’ back in 2009.


1994 Quite a few musicians birthday on this day’. Today will be a night where Twitter goes mental for sure, for it’s the birthday of the love/hate teen popstar Justin Bieber, who will reach 19.

1998 Titanic became the first film to gross over $1 billion worldwide. It is now grossed over billion worldwide, being the second film to do so (the first one being Avatar).

2006 The English version of Wikipedia reaches its one millionth article, which was the Jordanhill Railway Station. But it still unreliable for essays kids!

Today is also Beer Day, which celebrates the end of prohibition of beer in Iceland in 1989.