On this Day…

On this day, March 2nd, this happened…

1930 The author of famous books such as Women in Love at the cult Lady Chatterley’s Lover, D.H., Lawrence, died at the age off 44 in the city of Vence in France.

1933 The world premiere of the original version of King Kong had released, a movie which has one of the most memorable scenes of all time.


1947 The birthday of a man favourited to be the England football’s team next manager, Harry Redknapp.

2004 NASA  revealed that in the past that there was water on Mars in the past, due to evidence discovered by the Mars rover ‘ Opportunity’

2011 A wonderful day for techno-geeks, as Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple Ipad 2.

Photo: Sucello Leilões Virtuais

Photo: Sucello Leilões Virtuais